Wednesday, November 29

Lovely and tiny Scandinavian apartment with vintage designs

Really loving this cute place. While 66 square meters is not much, the look and feel of this apartment is spacious and cozy. 

If you know me, you know that I love the String shelf, it is simple yet distinctive in design and fits almost anywhere. Owners of this home have a large setup in their living room and it looks awesome.
I love how consistent the decor is with the wood and veneer on many of the items here.

Interesting part is the kid's room where the double story bed is made of naked particle board which I am not usually a friend of but it looks really nice here!


small scandinavian apartment with string shelf
gray sofa and seafoam lamp in a small nordic apartment
wood and veneer, string shelf and lovely chair
vintage botanical prints in small scandinavian apartment
hallway with ornamental tiles
particle board bed in kids room
dining table and vintage chairs in the nordic design kitchen

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