Pure and Beautiful Christmas Interior in Denmark

Tuesday, December 16

Henrik Hemmingsen, decorator in the shop Fil de Fer in Copenhagen, specializing in French antiques and interiors.  His home is full of raw wood, natural elements and rustic beauty. Everything is very pure and calm, you not find any rich colors and over the top Christmas decorations, just perfectly tailored interior decor that is part of the place itself. I think that the home looks really amazing and well balanced.  What is your opinion?


White Christmas in a Colorful Home

Thursday, December 11

Home of Lisbeth Assenholt shows some nice colors and remarkable ideas. Her decor for the upcoming holidays is very bold and  happy, same as the rest of her apartment. Purple and blue colors seems to dominate but there are some pops of the other colors as well. Home have a very friendly, positive feeling and I really like how the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations are done here. Other than that there is a great art wall behind the sofa and a nice dining table with wishbone chairs - always good to see.


Decent Christmas Decoreted House in Denmark

Wednesday, December 10

I'm sorry, but I'm going to post a lot of Christmas decorated interiors now :) I like the feel of this quite contemporary interior which is very decent and  organized but also contains some nice small decor pieces that makes it to look cozy and personalized. What especially makes my eyes happy is the large massive wood dining table, wow! What do you think?


Natural and Rustic Chrismas Decorated Apartment

Tuesday, December 9

Home of the floral designer Camilla Thomsen is full of natural charm and rustic beauty. Her Christmas decor is very decent and fits well into style of the house. Candle holder from old wood, handmade tree decorations, not any rich colors, just natural tones forming the feeling of calmness and purity. I really like how the kitchen looks here, with the naked old bricks and rich use of wood, very nice country like feeling.  


Small & Charming Scandinavian Apartment

Sunday, December 7

Hard to believe this apartment is just 47sqm as it looks like so bright and airy. There is a nice bedroom, large kitchen with bar and even small work area. I simply love how everything looks here. White color combined with beautiful wooden floor is just perfect and there is plenty of small decor ideas and nice selection of furniture which makes the place shine.


Serene Atmosphere in a Small Apartment

Friday, December 5

This Swedish apartment immediately got me with the atmosphere of extreme serenity and calmness. Everything is so nicely balanced here, color of  the furnitre, art, decor, creating amazingly peaceful home. One would not even say that this is just 56m² apartment!  Living room with the white String shelf, kitchen with big dining table and even hallway with nice pattern wallpaper - all is so well done here. What do you think?