Snug Swedish Apartment

Wednesday, February 10

I like the feel of this small place, very inviting and warm. There is a nice mix of rustic and retro furniture around the house and some pretty decor making it personal and cozy. In the living room, large, industrial  metal shelving unit is used as bookshelf which is an interesting and fresh choice here.


Cushy Nordic Apartment

This home has such a nice, cozy atmosphere. There is a lot of vintage & mid century modern furniture used along with some modern Scandinavian patterns and wall art. White serves as the main color here,  mixed with the black and teak furniture. Minty green adding lovely pastel color accent.  I like the simple kitchen here with the white tiles up to the ceiling.


Simplistic, Contrasting Interior

Monday, February 8

Really beautiful contrasting decor could be seen in this apartment.  Black furniture placed on the bright wooden floors and white walls all around the house. This nice combo is flourished with a large amount of houseplants. Only room using more colorful scheme is the kids room, where pretty pastel colors are used.  I really love the black wire planters here - anyone knows the brand?


Black Interiors Inspiration

Friday, February 5

Black is usually used in smaller amounts as it makes the home a bit dark and gloomy, but if it is applied skillfully, with the right choice of decor, it can provide some amazing results. The obvious choice of materials to combine with black is for sure gold and copper while wooden floors will add needed warming effect.


Extravagant Wallpapers in Luxurious Apartment

Home of  Liv Lilliendahl van Rijn is situated in the 225 square meters large apartment from 1893. It has a wild, extravagant look, caused by by the extensive use of bold floral wallpapers and textile patterns. This, combined with a classic Scandinavians style creates an exciting and fresh look. I like how the living room  is actually clean and simple, using colorful art instead of wallpapers and is furnished with some great mid century modern classics (Wegner, Noguchi).  Kitchen is connected with the rest of the interior via marvelous dining place,  furnished with a black table and mixed chairs.


The Beauty of Gray with Gold

Wednesday, February 3

I really like this combination of neutral gray with gold brassy materials. It creates a nice and moody atmosphere with a hint of luxury and elegance. Along with strong use of white it works perfectly, as the place is not too dark or bright.  This concept is kept in all rooms and the result is amazing, minimalist yet not empty interior with a contemporary Scandinavian spirit.


Charming Scandinavian Home

Tuesday, February 2

This old farm house from 1924 gone through some very nice renovation. I really like the playful style here, with the mix of mid century modern furniture and contemporary design. There are some cute color accents used around the home - green nightstand, colorful rugs, various modern art prints, adding a lot of cozy and positive atmosphere here.  Definitely a charming and personal place.