Astonishing Retro Apartment in berlin

Monday, September 8

Design agency located in Frankfurt turned many small rooms of a former language institute in Berlin-Mitte to a cool retro design filled loft like apartment. Result is really fantastic, with distinctive mid centruy modern atmosphere and funky colors.


Little Swedish Apartment

Sunday, September 7

Nice small 56 sqm apartment, containing some stylish design elements. People in Scandinavia really know how to make a tiny place look spacious and cool.


Sweet Apartment with Midcentury Modern Treasures

Friday, September 5

Scandinavian apartment

tom dixon pendant

Oh, what a place, 150 sqm filled with precious danish modern design pieces, spacious, bright an cozy. Not empty, not cluttered, feels just right. I really dig the mixed style, lot of different chairs could be seen here, creating interesting look and  works perfectly together.  All rooms have a very nice atmosphere with the natural wood tones, white walls and floors color scheme, only with a few color accents here and there.


Historical Apartment with Modern Decor

Friday, August 29

mid century modern

Look at those decorative ceiling ornaments and other beautiful historic elements in this apartment! It is a great place to start with and it was completed by some stylish midcentury and contemporary design pieces and art. I'm in love with the fireplace in the living room, majestic.


Gorgeous Renovated House in Swedish Fishing Village

Thursday, August 28

mid century modern

After a long search family of Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen found this old captain's house south of Helsingborg. They made it look simply awesome by using beautiful vintage decor elements with midcentury modern design pieces. All is in black and white tones with touch of brown, classical Scandinavian palette, which when done as here, is absolutely stunning.


Amazing Mid Century Scandinavian House

Wednesday, August 27

eames birdegg chair

What a beauty. This 138 m² villa designed by furniture designer Kurt Østervig is a real gem and it is nice to see it in such a good shape, breathing with fresh and classic design. Lovely symbiosis of natural wood tones with gray and white, textiles using Scandinavian patterns and modernist design, so cool.


Clean Scandinavian Style and Raw Wood

Tuesday, August 26

Clean, white, peaceful. Nice combination of design furniture with rustic wood elements. Place is very minimalistic and  really not uses much decor,  still provides some interesting  details and together creates stylish place to live.


Tiny Aparment with Mid Century and Vintage Decor

Monday, August 25

gold pendant

retro interior

wall art

Nicely done apartment with a very specific atmosphere created by the used art and decor and decent color palette. Lot of plants can be seen around which is something often omitted, nice detail.


Chic and Eclectic Aparment in Paris

Thursday, August 21

vintage design

On the first sight, this apartment looks really special. Interior designer Marion Collard helped the owners of this 130 m2 place from 1912 to add a lot of personality and sophisticated style based on their interests.

Home is full of fresh design ideas and cool decor often created by various vintage items  and also bold use of artwork. Of course the apartment itself is a wonderful place to start with, I love the old panelling and fireplaces.


Eclecticism, Art & Vintage

Monday, August 18

scandinavian interior

thrifted furniture

Oh well, this is an amazing place. Apartment of set designer Nadia Nabil Korsbæk in Copenhagen have an astounding appearance, created by a wonderful eclectic mix of mid century modern, historic and vintage rustic elements accompanied by various wall art.  From cool looking dining place, with a table made of old wood planks to bedroom with a luxury historic bed, all around this home is  top notch.