At Therese Winberg's home

Monday, April 28

retro chair

This is a freshly inovated apartment of Therese Windberg. She painted the floor herself. Many pieces of furniture are vintage and they look so good mixed with the classic designs and pastel colours.


A bright interior from South African ELLE Decor

Sunday, April 27

mid century modern

design interior

This amazing interior was published in ELLE Decor South Africa. Not only does it have a fantastic vintage feel but it also combines vintage mid-century pieces with ultra bright, almost neon colors. A nice touch is also added by the black and white photos from Alfred Hitchcock's movies. 


Artful Danish modern apartment

Thursday, April 24

sandinavian design

The owners of this wonderful flat, Katrin Bjork and Jens Søgaard, felt so overwhelmed with all the photos and art that they decided to throuw their TV away. The couple created perfect balance in this interior: Katrin prefers bold colors whereas Jens likes the variations of black and white. Apart from the decorations there are several interesting obejcts such as the tables or the Mushroom lamp. 


Small and stylish bohemian apartment

Wednesday, April 23


kitchen blackboard

Vintage meets color in this eclectic apartment. The bookshelves and the blackboard wallpaper emphasize the artistic atmosphere here, making this small space really cozy.


A colorful Parisian interior

Monday, April 21

 Emilie Fair and Nicolas Andre both live and work in this apartment in Paris - she is an artist, he is an architect. The color green is a prominent feature of the interior, as it appears in all the rooms. A lot of the furniture comes from local flea markets, which Emily painted herself to fit in the apartment.


Rustic meets bright in a music lover's flat

Wednesday, April 16

scandinavian living room


This is, quite apparently, a music lover's apartment, as is a display of vinyl records and posters. What is really nice in this interior is the use of modern colorful design pieces with antiques like the light blue burning stove and the battered wall.


An industrial romance

Sunday, April 13

 Fanny and Pascal François rebuilt this factory into a modern home, which, despite its industrial aesthetics, has a warm, relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The couple decided to knock out all the  remnants from the past, and created a ground floor where the kitchen and the dining room are completely open to the living room. To preserve the original spirit of the building, two specific elements remained: a monolithic concrete floor and the old windows.


A blogger's home in Oslo

Wednesday, April 9

Scandinavian living room

eames chair

string shelf

You may be familiar with Vigdis from She is currently selling this wonderful, light and spacey apartment in Oslo. Several String pieces are scattered through the interior and a pop of color here and there makes the space lively.


A colorful universe

Tuesday, April 8

 This amazing Danish apartment clarly shows the owner's passion for 60s designs. Eames' Bubble chair is funked up by the silver discoballs. The whole apartment is colorfully decorated with pop art. The classic Florence Knoll sofa dominates the living room as well as Roy Lichtenstein's piece.


Film lover's Danish modern flat

Monday, April 7

This apartment in Copenhagen clearly belongs to a film lover. Apart from several amazing Danish modern pieces of furniture, the color harmonies and the use of decoration is almost overwhelming - in a good way! The color palette of the books in the shelves are a lovely clever detail.


Light flat with a vintage feel in Stockholm

Friday, April 4

What a lovely flat located in Stockholm! The mix of grey, whites and blacks is nicely enriched by colorful decorations and artwork on the walls. Everything is brought together by the amazing vintage wooden furniture.

Gallery owner's beautiful luxury flat

Wednesday, April 2

arne jacobsen lampart wall

Elizabeth Heltoft Arnbys is a photographer and gallery owner from Copenhagen and in this lovely interior, she combines genuine art with personal style. She likes to mix the old with the new, flea market finds with design classics and contemporary pieces.