Row house with a Nordic perfection and tranquil atmosphere

Thursday, November 16

The architect Ola Jonsson did some amazing work here. This row house located in Östermalm is designed with a Nordic design perfection and the look is truly beautiful.

Inside you can find furniture from Ikea and Jysk along with vintage piece and they all fit together perfectly. With the light gray, white and natural wood tones, the atmosphere is tranquil and calm.

I really like the wooden dividing wall used between the living area and kitchen and the tea drinking area with the legless chairs is a very original, well-developed idea!


minimalist nordic interior
tea drinking room in the minimalist nordic interior
serene and tranquil hallway interior design in the scandinavian house
wood dividing wall in the nordic apartment
nordic living room with minimalist design and large windows
beautiful simple nordic living room

Amazing Scandinavian interior with great design and decor

Tuesday, November 14

This apartment is truly amazing. It has a perfect combination of retro and luxury design with a very inviting atmosphere.

The base here is a fantastic space with rich stuccoes, high ceilings, wood paneling and spectacular historical fireplaces.  It instantly provides added value with luxurious atmosphere.

I would like to start with the kitchen as it is fabulous, large and well designed.  With the retro cooker and hood, gold details and gray cabinets it looks both trendy and traditional.  There is also a nice small dining table set but the main dining area is located in the separate room.

The dining room is something I would love to have a place for in my home.  And it would look very similar to this one here. There is a beautiful, vintage Poul Henningsen's kontrast lamp used,  large table and a lovely bunch of black chairs. You definitely should take a closer look at the amazing fireplace with the huge mirror and the carved details on the door frame.

Of course, I can't forget the living room, which is again, very well done. You can find a nice mix of new and vintage design pieces ( like a nice grasshopper lamp ) but nothing is overdone, the place was left so it is clean and spacious.


spacious scandinavian apartment with great historic elements
dining room inside of a large scandinavian aparment
retro stove in the gray and gold kitchen, scandinavian design
retro stove in the gray and gold kitchen, scandinavian design
dining place in the kitchen of a beautiful Scandinavian apartment
retro stove in the gray and gold kitchen, scandinavian design
spacious living room inside of scandinavian apartment with great decor
Large doors and detailed stuccoes with dining table
dining place in the nordic interior

Nordic penthouse with muted pastel colors

Monday, November 13

Hope you all having a nice Monday. Today, I would like to take a look at a nice apartment of Rikke Larsen from Copenhagen.

Her family lives in a large, 124 square meters penthouse that was recently redesigned by stylist Sidsel Zachariassen. 

The whole place got a new, uniform and modern look. Walls were painted with a mix of gray, pale teal and white and there is a nice amount of other pastel colors used on various decor items.

My favorite part is the living room with the dining area where you can spot very popular Flos wall lamp, nice set of armchair and sofa, cool ceiling lamp, black Verner Panton's lamp and small art wall.


Nordic penthouse with muted pastel colors, flos wall lamp and panton lamp
teal painted wall, pink sofa pillow flos wall lamp
dining room in nordic apartment, gallery wall, design chairs and glass ceiling lamp
retro design armchair in he nordic apartment
minimalist white kitchen with dark floors

Scandinavian apartment with a perfect decor in Stockholm

Tuesday, November 7

When I saw the first photo I have instantly fell in love with the apartment of Monica Holmvik Persdotter's  family.

The living room design is simply amazing: Large Persian rug, stylish gray sofa, vertigo pendant light and gorgeous art pieces.

I could say same about the kitchen as well  - it looks fabulous with the bluish-gray painted cabinets,  marble backsplash and set of Wishbone Chairs. On the other side, there is a huge library and large double doors painted in blue, which is a very nice touch.

Great place to be for sure, artful, well decorated and cozy!


persian rug, gallery wall and gray sofa in Scandinavian apartment
gray kitchen with marble backsplash and wishbone chair by hans wegner
gray painted library shelves, blue double doors, mid century modern chair
Swedish apartment with mid century modern furniture, art and amazing oriental rug

Scandinavian apartment with dark painted walls, vintage furniture and great decor

Monday, November 6

When I think about the Scandinavian interior, usually a bright, mostly white place comes into my ming. But the house of Mette Holbæk is different, she used dark colors all over the place and the result is really breathtaking.

There is something mysterious and charming about such a dark apartment. I love how the colors are matched together in each room. Especially in the kitchen, the combination fascinates me.

Although the interior may look a bit dark and dramatic to someone, it is decorated with an amazing attention to detail and I am getting just positive vibes from it. 

You can find here many great design pieces, starting with a lovely colorful Persian rug,  Chairs from Gubi or light from Louis Poulsen. Of course, there is also a nice selection of photography and wall art in every room!

For me, this is one of the most striking interiors I have seen in a while, great, bold design with an amazing atmosphere and unique look. Bravo.


dark painted walls inside of an amazing scandinavian apartment, dining room
living room in the dark painted scandinavian apartment
dining room with nice flowers  in the dark painted scandinavian apartment
living room with the colorful rug, sofa and rosewood table in the dark painted scandinavian apartment
cozy kitchen interior in the dark painted scandinavian apartment
dining area with houseplants in the dark painted scandinavian apartment
black painted bedroom with an amazing decor
blue color in the kids room with eames chair