Delfin & Postigo House - Where Dreames Comes True

Tuesday, September 27

This place is a real gem. Residence of fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo in Madrid is maybe a dream place for many lovers of bright spacious lofts and mid century modern design. Both is combined in this large house.

I could write a long time about all the precious MCM stuff that can be found on those pics, but I think those photos speaks for thmeselves.  The writing table at the 9th picture is if Im not mistaken by Pierre Paulin  and nowdays sold by ligne roset.


Zealand Villa with a Touch of Scandinavia

Monday, September 26

Kamilla and Jesper Wadum Korsgaard with children lives in this great 1902s 210 m² Villa on Zealand.
Scandinavian spirit is all around in this house, with the simple clean style, bright color scheme and stylish decorations.

I love the the room with the big table surrounded with bright yellowgreen stools, deer head  and fireplace. Jesper is active hunter (poor deer) so many animal trophies are from his hunting travels.


Stylish and Elegant Loft in Paris

Saturday, September 24

Former offices of the school's electricity - now turned into 60m2 cozy loft. Even though it is a very small  place, it looks spacious and bright thanx to the very nice selection of colors (and of course huge windows!).  Whole interior looks very well balanced  and decorations are choosed with a great taste.


Delicious Apartment in Casco Viejo de Bilbao

Thursday, September 22

This project is really amazing, old apartment was renovated by architect Mikel Larrinag and got fabulous new retro eclecitc look.

It is a great balance between luxury/eclectic and mid century thrift founds filled cozy style.   The old wooden beams and naked brick walls painted white combined with vintage furniture looks brilliant, the midcentury writing table in home office with wire legs is  fantastic and  so are othe retro pieces placed with taste here and there like Eames chairs, Saarinen tulip chairs,  typography wall decorations, old lamps, pendants etc.   I also love the huge sliding doors separating  the rooms which when opened makes the space really huge.


Cute 58 square meters in Copenhagen

Living myself in a small apartment I have weakness for the nice small spaces - this one is habitated by a young pair  Dorthe Thure and American Will Kearins plus their  2.5-year-old son Christian.

As the space is very small they have to improvise a lot but  the result is a home with a very nice cozy and airy feel, which in hot days is extended by the nice terrace.


Designer´s Home in Østerbro

Tuesday, September 20

Another great Scandinavian interior here - belongs to a designer Christina Halskov and it is combination of Scandinavian cleaness with little added warmth of southern style.

House is filled with many classical designs and with designers own furniture, also the art on the walls adding some nice atmosphere.  To make me jaelous even more - there are two big dining tables with nice chairs surrounding it.


Great Midcentury Styled Interior from Analog / Dialog

Friday, September 16

Some great work by the Analog / Dialog studio here! This project  is a Model Unit Design created  for Houston House Apartments in  Texas.

I love the pipe shelving unit with all the decorations,  dark flooors, white and dark walls combination,  mid century furniture - just everything here.  It is not extremely bright like they do in scandinavia but feels very cozy.


Supercute 1960 Bungalow (now for sale!)

Tuesday, September 13

This beautiful Bungalow house designed by architect Athelstan Whaley as a part Edgcumbe Park resort was for years owned by a David Weston & Scott Mycock and used as a home and studio.

House was nicely renovated and its decorations are spot on - classical modernist posters, iconic mid century modern furniture like Eames Lounge chair, Noguchi Butterfly stool, Jacobsen Egg chair  and many others are present.  Interesting fact is that it was also used as a location for 1966 film Fahrenheit 451.

As they are now moving, the house is  for sale at £515,000  - so if you live nearby maybe you could be interested!


Furniture by WeDoWood

Monday, September 12

I saw those photos at wallnut blog today and I felt in love with them - the furniture is made by danish wedowood studio, their webpage is unfortunately under construction now, but Im sure there is more sweet stuff coming soon!

Beautiful Work by Weekday Carnival

I really dig the photos, designs  and styling from weekday carnival - Her works are minimalistic, cute and clean and photos are wonderful, I like almost everything there.


Mid Century Meets Mediterranean style in Hollywood

Sunday, September 11

Altough the house is not the kind you would expect for midcentury lover, Jonn Coolidge, a photographer specializing in interiors, decided to move there after a decade of living in houses by Edward H. Fickett, the late Los Angeles architect known for his modernist work.

As a big collector of modernist furniture and objects - he had no problem with filling the interior with lots of cool items. Every room includes various cool looking objects which transform the place from mediterranean-style to a mid century modern modernist house.

I really love the pops of colors, minimalistic art on walls (mostly very minimalistic) and those wooden floors and ceiling - which is adding a lot to the atmosphere here.


Forrest Surrounded Mid Century House

Thursday, September 8

This wonderful house built in 1957 by Arthur Wyss Hof is currently owned by mid century modern lovers Mandoren Todd and Andrew Goddard, they really did nice work in decorating it in its original spirit.

Whole house is classic example of stylish modernist architecture, mostly made from glass and metal, surrounded by quiet forrest - my favorite combination!

I really like how the new owners filled it with vintage classic furniture and decor, so it is sad there is only so few photos aviable as they are very nice...