Superstyled Apartment in Stockholm

Sunday, April 29

Interior stylist Joanna Lavén designed her apartment with a very nice clean style, using her favorite midcentury pieces collected from various auctions and thrift stores, I really love that space, it is not overfilled or too empty, just enough.


Scandinavian style in a cozy Swiss House

Wednesday, April 25

This cozy house of Industrial designers Anette and Fredrik in Tønsberg is filled with a load of essiential scandinavian midcentury designs - really cool stuff.

Painted wooden walls giving the place a specific atmosphere and the place is  nicely balanced with  use of just the shades of gray, white, black and little bit of color accents, rich use of wall art is another very  nice touch.


Light Filled French Loft

Sunday, April 22

I like the 60s feel of this  French loft,  retro furniture, cool decorations and windows, windos just everywhere.


Stylish Bright Loft in San Lorenzo

Monday, April 16

This really nice, bright loft could be found in the ancient district of Rome and is currently ownd by a painter Valentina De Martini.

Former storehouse of mineral and a blacksmith's shop was rebuilded to an attractive, clean loft. Whole place have a bit of that "scandinavian" feel, which is of course cool, I really like the style of  the kitchen  and the use classical Saarinen tulip table and chairs!


Gorgeos Eclectic Modern Apartment in Paris

Thursday, April 12

I just found this sweet Parisian apartment -  really a great job by the French studio double g .  I dig tons of little design ideas all over the place, overall cleaness and decent color palette.

Living room with a huge library and cool retro armchairs is exactly my cup of tea and the dining area touched my soul as well!

Happy Easter 2012

Monday, April 9

Happy Easter to all my readers, I hope you guys are having better weather than me - snowy and cold.

Bright & Stylish Apartment in Helsinki

Thursday, April 5

Here we go again with another cool scanidnavian apartment - lots of white, bit of black and little bit of a yellow-green to pop out - just perfect combination (I have weakness for yellow-green)


Artistic Apartment in Norway

Monday, April 2

This Norwegian apartment is a nice example of how decorations and art can change classic interior into interesting, fresh space. I really like the usage of big artworks on walls and a lot of vintage furniture that can be found everywhere in this place. I would like  to see more pics of the dining room -  as it looks really nice there!