Cottage by the Lake in Denmark

Monday, July 30

They sure know how to make a cozy summerhouse in Scandinavia, like this cute little "cottage" by the lake Arresø. A bit of rawness and rustic elements mixed with mostly clean white walls and natural brown tones creates calm atmosphere ideal for spending a relaxing weekend here.


Fatnastic atmospheric house in Cornwall

Wednesday, July 25

This house is just fantastic - everything here looks beautifully aged and rustic yet clean.  Reminds me of some cozy beach hut, would be really nice to spend some relaxing days here.

Tasty Swedish Apartment

Thursday, July 19

The kitchen in this flat is something that immediately caught my attention, I really like this simple and elegant solution, even it may not be so much practical.   I must also adore the wood paneling all over the place - such a cool thing to have at home. The art composition on the wall with a big dining table is just awesome.


Creative Apartment in Denmark

Tuesday, July 17

This 92m2 apartment belongs to Anne Louise Breiner woman behind the design company BALlab.  Interior i s really nicely furnished and decorated, with use of many cool retro decor pieces and mid century modern furniture. In a house full of so nice items it must be a really  fun to live.


The Apartment

Thursday, July 12

After black and white, we have some color sprinkle from Scandinavian here. The Apartment is a project of Tina Seidenfaden Busck & Pernille Hornhaver, flat is located in Copenhagen and it serves as a showroom of their design range.


Home of Photographer Jakob Nylund

Wednesday, July 11

WOW - this interior is really great, I'm liking the pure B&W rooms more and more, everything is perfectly styled here, bit of modern, bit of rustic, bit of mid century modern - just fantastic!


Inside 1935 Funtcionalist House in Aarhus

Tuesday, July 10

Natural wood, white and black - favorite combination in many scandinavian interiors and always so effective.
This functionalist house owned by two danish architects is really nice and decent. I really adore the big kitchen connected with dining area here and  also great selection of seating furniture.


Wonderful Sacandinavian Summerhouse

Monday, July 2

Oh, such a calm place, I can imagine spending some nice summer days here, sitting on the pier, listening crickets... well I would probably need some computer to work on but it would be so relaxing...

 It is really amazing how everything in scanidnavia is so perfect when it came to interior design.


Collector´s Manhattan Apartment

Michael Maharam and his wife Sabine Steinmair are proud owners of this beautiful, airy Manhattan apartment. Their passion for vintage design and objects and art is strongly pronounced everywhere, I really like those small decor compositions at various places of each room, well done!