Tasty Swedish Apartment

Thursday, July 19

The kitchen in this flat is something that immediately caught my attention, I really like this simple and elegant solution, even it may not be so much practical.   I must also adore the wood paneling all over the place - such a cool thing to have at home. The art composition on the wall with a big dining table is just awesome.

Анжелика Шарпеева said...

The wall with pics and photos is amazing!

Åpent hus said...

love it.
especially the sofa mixed with the white oldfashioned walls

Heidi said...

I want herringbone floors I want herringbone floors I want herringbone floors. Maybe if I say it enough it'll happen...beautiful!

yapı dekorasyon said...

This is kind of my dream home and it's surprising that it exists! These bookshelves and the kitchen wall are great.

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