Tasty Swedish Apartment

Thursday, July 19

The kitchen in this flat is something that immediately caught my attention, I really like this simple and elegant solution, even it may not be so much practical.   I must also adore the wood paneling all over the place - such a cool thing to have at home. The art composition on the wall with a big dining table is just awesome.

Анжелика Шарпеева said...

The wall with pics and photos is amazing!

Åpent^hus said...

love it.
especially the sofa mixed with the white oldfashioned walls

Heidi said...

I want herringbone floors I want herringbone floors I want herringbone floors. Maybe if I say it enough it'll happen...beautiful!

Unknown said...

This is kind of my dream home and it's surprising that it exists! These bookshelves and the kitchen wall are great.

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