Thrift finds: Jaroslav Jezek´s MANON tea set from 1959

Monday, January 31

After years of waiting I have MANON service in my collection  and  with this great partialy handpainted decor!
It is a work of great Czechoslovakian designer Jaroslav Jezek  from 1959 and was showed at XII. Trienale in Milano in 1960.

Eclectic appartment in Göteborg


Thrift finds - Germany porcelain vases - help with identification needed

Thursday, January 27

I bought the left one on market in Berlin last summer and the other one here in Czech Republic week ago - they both have same marking - capital letter L with sun above - anyone know the name of maker?

White as the snow

Wednesday, January 26

I love colors - but sometimes white could realy shine in interior - this is very nice example of white clean space.

Stig Lindberg´s Bersa cups

Sunday, January 23

Post just delivered me this great set of four Bersa cups - unfortunately they are whitout saucers, but the price was very nice, aren´t they cute?

Extraordinary Mid Century Modern House

Thursday, January 20

I want house like that so badly - great sjowcase of modernistic architecture!
I believe you know this house, but in case you don´t:
The home is known as the Ben Rose home was designed by architects A. James Speyer and David Haid in 1953.
House is located at Chicago With 5,300 square feet of living space, the 4 bedroom, 3 bath, big garrage...

Oh did I mentioned it is on sale now?

Amanda´s appartment

Monday, January 17

Look at this appartment of  vintage fashion lover - Amanda Johnson - full of great thrift store founds!

See Amanda´s flickr  and blog

Cosy home

I was just looking at portfolio of a great photographer Joe Schmelzer and found this nice, cosy interior.

Scandinavian awesomeness

Friday, January 14

Just great, what else need to be said about this interior...
Natural tones, old wood flooring, danish modern furniture and mid century classics, white walls. Cosy, spacious, clean.

Colourful Interior full of Czech Mid Century Modern Furniture

Thursday, January 13

Now for something special - this 90 m2 flat located in Brno is full of Czech (Czecho-Slovakian respectively) mid century furniture and decorations.

There are wonderful Tubular Chairs & sofa, glass ceiling lamps, vintage parquet flooring and this extremely cool chest of drawers (which I already have at home) all together in combination with contemporary artwork hanging on walls forms very eclectic and interesting interior full of colours.


Design Icons - Hans Wegner´s Wishbone Chair

Famous "Wishbone" chair - originaly CH 24 - was introduced in 1950 by the Danish furniture company Carl Hansen & Son.
Shape comes from Chinese Quan Yi ceremonial seat that was simplified in the Danish modern style. When it was first introduced, however, its recognition was not overly positive and only a handful of retailers bought it for their showrooms. Now it is one of the most popular Hansen products which presents finest craftsmanship and comfort, aviable in wide selection of colors.

I sooo want one - perfect for my bedroom or dinning room.


Papelote - New Stylish Czech paper store

Wednesday, January 12

This new stylish store was opened in spring 2010 in Prague, interior is by studio A1 Architects.
They are calling it "New Czech Paperstore" - and it deserves that name - it´s not just ordinry paper store but design store for hand made wrapping papers, pencil boxes, workbooks and much more.
Their products are made using environment friendly natural materials and are great alternative for common mass produced paper products.