Petr Karsulin Still Life Photographer

Thursday, January 6

Karsulin 1

Karsulin 2

Karsulin 3

Karsulin 4

Karsulin 5

Karsulin 6

Karsulin 9

Karsulin 8

Karsulin 7

Karsulin 10

Petr first became interested in photography when he was studying at the ČVUT (Czech Technical University) in Prague in the field of Electrical Engineering. He was so into it that he completely reassessed his objectives and gave up his certain future in his perspective field into the “open question” of photography. With still wet black-and-white pictures, Petr took a train to Zlín to take the exams, at Tomas Bata University, for a newly opened major of study – commercial photography in the field of Multimedia Communication.

In 2004, he permanently moved to Prague, where he started his career for a Marianne Bydlení magazine, which helped him gain the next professional promotion. His way of taking pictures became more famous and sought after among the top Czech magazines, and so the interest in his photos grew

Today he is one of the most honored Czech photographers in his field. His clients include important companies, for example Paneria, Lucis, Sweet Delight, Xavian, beer Staropramen, Bulthaup, DHL, Tescoma and many others.

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