Phenomenal Home with Modern Art and Houseplants

Thursday, March 31

Just WOW, this amazing 450 sqm large house located in Great Britain is a wonderful showcase of design classics, eclecticism and botanical decor.  I really like the rich use of houseplants here, which makes the atmosphere inviting and cozy. The combination of green and yellow colors  is very positive and the huge selection of modern art adds an interesting, bohemian look. Definitely, this an extraordinary place!


Apartment with a Noble Atmosphere

Wednesday, March 30

In this apartment there is a really nice detail in a form of ornament painted ceiling. This touch adds a noble and extraordinary atmosphere here, something that you don't see often even in the historic apartments.

With a strong decor element like this, you must be careful with other stuff and I think it ended up very well here. Light gray wood paneling and kitchen cabinets, bright wooden floors and minimalist approach to furniture seems to be a way to go.


Old Factory Remade to an Amazing Design Filled Apartment

Friday, March 25

Lately, I run into a lot of great loft apartments located inside and old factory buildings. This place in Copenhagen is an another great example of a perfectly remade industrial place.

Interior is completely white and very bright, thanx to the ceiling windows which highly enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

I absolutely love the living area here, where you can see some beautiful design pieces (PK22 Chair , Nagel candlesticks, Flos 265 Wall Lamp),  horizontal library and modern art gallery wall.

there are many eye catching ideas around the house, like the huge black storage shelf and boat rack on the wall, minimalist industrial kitchen, concrete work desk and so on.


Inspiration from the Nomad Collective

Thursday, March 24

I did recently discovered this amazing photos shot by a photographer Alyssa Rosenheck and instantly fell in love with them. The bold combination of oriental rugs, cacti, art and white Scandinavian interior is just perfect. I really like how the colorful ornaments on the various rugs pops out on the white background. Overall the ethno chic look of the interior is very pleasing to the eye. Well done!


Gentle and Cozy Scandinavian Apartment

Wednesday, March 23

I love this simple and cozy place which has a really  lovely, calm vibe to it. My favorite corner here is the dining place with a set of beautiful Eames fiberglass chairs and an interesting art composition on the wall (there is also a nice art used above the vintage looking cabinet in the living room).
 In the bedroom,  dark bluish gray color is used on the walls which is a very nice touch!  Also, you can spot some nice houseplants around here too, especially the monstera is a  really a great choice in this kind of interior.


Loft Apartment Furnished with Modern Classics

Tuesday, March 22

In the old warehouse building you can find this lovely 150 square meters large  home of Anne Smedegaard and her family.  It has a typical lofty, industrial look which is supported by the use of gray concrete floors.

 All around the place you there are great mid century modern pieces (mainly from Eames but also Arne Jacobsen or George Nelson) and an interesting selection of decor in various bright colors.


Calm Nordic Home with a Muted Color Palette

Sunday, March 20

Happy Sunday! Today we have here this home with a calm, muted color palette combined with a large bright rooms. The whole place has a cozy atmosphere with a very clever, clean decor, which also seems to be a very kids friendly.  I really like the view in the first photo, where you can see how airy and spacious this house is.