Black Friday on ReStyle

Friday, November 25

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Italy Meets Scandinavia - Apartment in Milan

Thursday, November 24

This 80m2 sized apartment is on a first look very scandinavian  and on the second bit japanese in its simplicity - surprisingly it is located in Italy.  I like the high amount of different design pieces in this place and the overal  quite minimalistic feel, interesting place for sure.


Design Classics Filled 250 sqm Danish Apartment

Tuesday, November 22

Frederik Nellemanns apartment is just awesome  - I love big spacy places where you can have tons of interesting design pieces and still it stays airy and bright.  Frederiks collection of various design furniture is beautiful and same is the feel of this place. I also  like the "rawness" provided by the natural wood flooring, massive wood furniture and other rustic elements.


Classical French House with a Modern Twist

Monday, November 21

Creator of the brand Mérésine, Sandrine Zigler-Munck is owner of  this beautiful 19th century house that she recently renovated into a bright and playful space.

Interior is mostly black and white, which gives it a modern fresh look,  the classical woodpaneling, moldings and other decorative elements on the other hand adding a classical vintage feel to it.   I really love these old elements as they  provides the house with a character and  they still work very well with the mid century modern Bertoias chairs and other stuff.


Bright Mid Century - Asia Influenced House

Friday, November 18

This  house from 1959 currently owned by decorator Bernce Malin showing some really nice decorating ideas, classical 50s & 60s design is mixed with asian influences  ogether creating very nice pair.

I really like the brightness of the interior, white ceiling beams,  pattern rug in the living room, black Eames chairs on the white floor and of course the place with armchair next to the fireplace and the art filled wall behind  it.


Renovated Mid Century Modern House by Bassam Fellows

Tuesday, November 15

Don´t you just love those old mid century houses with large windows & surrounded by nature? I do and Bassam Fellows did an amazing job with the renovation of this house originally designed by architect Willis Mills.

Interior is very minimalistic, clean and simple, decorated with a great selectin of classic mcm furniture - which instantly makes any interior looks cozy (at least for me) .


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Retro 1960s Home

Monday, November 14

I really like what owners did with this interior  - the dining place with arcana table and a mixture of  classic mid century modern chairs, frieplace relax area, stylish clean kitchen and a stylish chalkboard entry area (with some nice danish modern pieces).   The large windows are great for brightening the space up adding really nice feel to it.


Urban Oasis in Melbourne

Friday, November 11

This cool Australian house was featured in the Inside Out magazine. What is really interesting here is that entire wall opens up to the garden  / terrace area - super! Im a big fan of large windows to the garden, so you can connect with the nature even if you are inside. In the house you can also find some very  nice mid century modern pieces and decor.

Retro Nostalgic Home of Charlotte Adrian

Tuesday, November 8

Charlotte Adrian is an senior designer working at Royal Copenhagen - and you can clearly see her sentiment for nice a porcelain pieces all over the house. Another thing that is really impressive here is the rosewood Cadovious wall unit in the dining area and the large dining table with classic Eames DWR chairs.
Rest of the home is also very nice, with many danish modern pieces plus simple and clean decor. ( she also have a huuuge collection of nagel candlesticks!)


Designer´s House in Marseille

Monday, November 7

Owner of this cool house, designer Emma Francois says - " I do not like new things. I like old things that have a story to tell." This is my exact opinion! And on her house you can see that she likes a really great old things - mid century modern furniture, lighting and decor in natural tones makes the place warm and charming.


Gorgeous Apartment in Hamburg

Sunday, November 6

This 300 sqm large Hamburg apartment belonging to a creative guru Wolfgang Behnken is without a doubt beautiful. Simple color scheme of white and brown creating calm and cozy atmosphere which is supported by a great selection of mid century modern  furniture and one of my favorite decor ideas - huge piles of books and framed art directly on floor.


Chris & Kenny's Stylish MCM Home

Friday, November 4

I love the hyppie indie midcentury feel this house have - full of light, indian patterns and retro furniture. Every is corner hiding something interesting, from the vintage organ to classic Eames,  Bertoia and other treasures.  Stylish fresh and cozy, brightened up my day!


Retro Inspired Wallpapers by Graham & Brown

Thursday, November 3

It is really nice to see that more and more companies starting to take mid century modern and retro design trend seriously with adding this style to their product lines. Graham & Brown recently launched this line of retro wallpapers supported with those nice images, the first two especially featuring some sweet mcm stuff!


Mid Century Modern Styled Town House in Brooklyn

Tuesday, November 1

I like when old buildings are renovated with a good taste and respect - this is what happened here.Whole house is furnished with beautiful mid century modern pieces,  full of wood and natural tones.

 What is really cool here is the imposant wooden paneling where the small sliding doors were built to connect the room with kitchen creating a small bar area.