House of Architect Pedro Useche

Tuesday, August 30

Extraordinary house of Venezuelan architect Pedro Useche is located in  the largest Brazilian city, São Paulo, created in modernist style it is something thtat imemdiately catched my attention.

Interesting fact is that most of the furniture is designed by architect himself, in the retro midcentury style.
I really like the atmosphere of the house - it is full of stuff, furniture, books, art, decorations,  and the "jungle" that surrounds the house is wonderful. Take a look at the source too as there are more great photos of this house.


Happy Monday with Stylist Meagan Camp

Monday, August 22

Portfolio of stylist Maegan Camp is full of nice sun illuminated photos with some very cozy and stylish interiors, cute dogs (and one stair cat) included.


Artful Home in Copenhagen

Thursday, August 18

I really like calm atmosphere this interior have, it belongs to a painter Bjorn Agertved who also provided it with lots of his own interesting paintings

There are no bright pastel colors (with exceptions of Verner Panton´s Globe pendant
and some of the artwork)  but instead natural brown colors creating accents to the otherwise gray / white rooms. 


Living with the Cacti

Monday, August 15

Home of the Maurizio Zucchi  looks amazing - I love the usage of mid ecnutry modern furniture, super high ceiling, huge windows and the cacti there - it looks like livable botanical gardern,  great symbiosis. And those wire bookshelves are bombastic!


Skull Shelves - by James Hopkins

Sunday, August 14

James Hopkins is artist worth checking, his portfolio is full of wonderful objects and installations - based highly on pespective and optical illusions.

I especialy love those shelves full of various object that together reminiscent a skull..


Designers at the Wheel

Couple Jeppe Debois Baandrup and Cathrine Lindvig did a very brave thing when they gave free rein to two designers and let them to decorate their new apartment.

The result is  playful and inspirational interior full of very interesting design ideas accompanied by classic and contemporary  furniture.

From the recycled wood diamond shaped wall to the  TV room with lot of diferentely sized bookshelves and oriental rugm   there is no discussion that this interior looks very  unique and non standard - which is what owners wanted.


Fashion Designer Minnie Mortimer´s House

Tuesday, August 9

I like the atmosphere of this house, there are interesting items everywhere, lot of art, cool furniture and...lot of books! Altough Im not a big bookworm I love the decorating effect books have in interiors.  The room with large windows leading to garden is supercozy!


Delightful House in Lombardy

Monday, August 8

It is hard to believe that this house have its roots in 16th century, it is contemporary looking, full of  modern stylish decor and furniture from some of the best Italian designers.  

I really like the color paette used here, white/gray  walls,  natural stone and my favorite yellow/green as a popping color - it is on some of the furniture, textiles, artwork and even books! Wonderfull details. 

Friday Sweets - Photography by Karl Anderson

Friday, August 5

Karl Anderson was born in New Zealand and has worked in New York, Singapore, and Australia, now he is based in Stockholm - pretty nice portfolio I would say. His interior shots are really nice and I believe you find some inspiration there.


The Free Port Cabinet by Martí Guixé

Thursday, August 4

The Free Port Cabinet is multifunctional piece of furniture that can serve various purposes in the house. I like those robust, crazy retro looking  pieces of furniture so I had to post it, great thing about this cabinet is, that it can be  reassembled to various shapes.


A House with a Wonderful View

Just look at this fantastic house surrounded by wild nature and lake - what a great place to live!

Kasper Reitzel and his wife Janne firstly wanted to  renovate old house that was already on the place, but after they  found it was in really poor state, they rather build new one, contemporary building with a  huge glass windows, that allows a beautiful view at the surroundings. Sitting on the terrace on the warm evening must be so relaxing experience!


Renovated Danish Station House

Monday, August 1

I always liked the idea of renovating some old Station Building for living, well I hope if I get the chance it end at least as good like this house.

It came trough a complete renovation, leaving only few original elements. As it is almost standard in scandinavia - the floors and walls  were painted white  and in result there is a nice clean interior ornated by some great furniture pieces like Eanes rocking chair, PK22 chair and vintage danish modern pieces.