White Retro House in Denmark

Monday, February 27

Owners of this apartment are for sure a big retro collectors, but as we are in scandinavia -  instead of pop art funky colors, all is  in white!  There is almost no other color than white in this place only a  few little accents and small use of black.

It may be too much for someone, I personaly would for sure ad more color pops here and there but I really like the cleaness of the place and huge number of classical midcentury stuff here. Also the interior itself with its large doors and white floors is amazing.

Stylish and Colorful Swedish Home

Sunday, February 26

Nice combination of scandinavian and eclectic style can be seen in this swedish house - nicely mixed colors, vinatge furniture and modern design mixed in the classical 1900s interior.  I really like how all the styles are combined creating a cute, cozy  place for living.  Whit its black and white scheme, kitchen is a surprisingly contrasting room furnished in a very minimalistic way.


Spacious Apartment in Stockholm

Wednesday, February 22

I love spacious opened interiors and I love large dining tables - both can be found in this 202 square meters large apartment in Stockholm. There are also other cool things to like for sure: Large doors connecting  all rooms,  big filled bookcase and that cute nicely decorated kids room!


Warm and Cozy Apartment in Helsinki

Sunday, February 19

This 130 square meters large  apartment in Helsinki have a really  nice and cozy atmosphere -  almost country like.  All the wood and natural materials are providing warmth in the otherwise mostly white minimalistic space. Big dining table,  fireplace  and stacked wood piles - what a great place!


Bright One Room Scandinavian Apartment

Thursday, February 9

Another nice & bright scandinavian apartment here - one large space which is divided to different "corners"   very well executed idea, everything is clean and simple yet still cozy.  And my favorite Arne Jacobsen lamp  and Wegners wishbone chair are both here!


Stine A. Johansen´s Stylish Home

Wednesday, February 1

Jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen have a very nice cozy home styled with the mix of old, new and some striking art on the walls  which  adding a nice accent to otherwise mostly white color scheme.

I really lilke those metal chairs in the dining area - I believe they are the same like the ones in a house posted here some time ago - I wonder if they are new or some vintage stuff?