60s Villa Filled with Design Pieces

Tuesday, April 26

This lovely, spacious house built in 1965 was furnished with some really amazing designer pieces from the same era (Eames LTR table, Arne Jacobsen chairs and you can't miss the eccentric harp chair).

I love the calm atmosphere which is supported by the use of various wood tones and  muted colors.

What differs stylistically from the rest of the place is the kitchen, done in a dark wood, yellow and black which visually separates it from the rest of the main living area.


Home with Serene Atmosphere and Soft Creamy Colors

Monday, April 18

Calm and soft atmosphere of this apartment is truly captivating. I really like the use of gray color in the kitchen and of course that creamy beige color in the bedroom. Such a small detail can vastly improve the overall look and feel of the place.  Furnishing is very simple and done mostly in black color which fits here perfectly and keeps the place looking clean and organized.


Calm Swedish Home with Gray and Silver Sage Tones

Sunday, April 17

I really like the atmosphere in this apartment. The way how is the kitchen connected with the living area creates an amazing opened space.  As the home uses a very subtle color palette, it has a very clean look and the chosen decor suits it very well.  Kitchen is definitely an eye catcher here, with the tiles up to the ceiling, minimalistic cabinets and interesting lighting.  While the most of the place shows grayish colors,  you can see a nice silver sage color used in the bedroom which has a very nice refreshing effect.


Apartment with Shades of Gray and Colorful Accents

Wednesday, April 13

I really like the look of this place. While mostly done in a monochrome palette with a black floors and white walls, there are few colors thrown in for an exciting effect. The red rug in the living room works amazingly well here and with some green plants it completely change the mood of the room.

Swedish Apartment with Retro and Boho Chic Influences

Monday, April 11

I really like the atmosphere of this place. All the home is filled with an amazing decor combining together various styles into a complex whole.  They way how this apartment is styled contrast with many quite minimalist Scandinavian interiors while of course still possess all I love about Nordic way of interior design.


Scandinavian Apartment Inside an Old Coffee Roastery

Saturday, April 9

In a former coffee roastery located in central Malmö, Isabell and Joakim created an amazing, charismatic home. It has a very calm atmosphere with a lovely combination of white, grays and light wood tones with many vintage designer pieces and stylish bohemian decor.  In the kitchen, you can notice a more industrial approach which is a nice variegation. I love the old, white painted brick walls here a lot.


Lovable Simplistic Interior

Wednesday, April 6

Light and simple. This cute apartment, done in a combination of white and gray shows us with its minimalist approach that sometimes less is more. There are not any expensive designer pieces used but the place is still full of nice ideas and contains lot of personality and charm.  I really like the use of long cables for lights here and the black kitchen wall.