House of Bianca Hegedüs

Wednesday, October 2

scandinavian kitchen, arne jacobsen

scandinavian interior

House of Bianca Hegedus is just  a gem. I love the essence of the Scandinavian style here combined with almost mediterranean accents.  

There is classic black and white scheme all over the place but some rooms for a change uses bold color tones for enrichment. As usually, my favorite spot  is the large dining table with Jacobsens chairs and walls full of art


Scandinavian style in Cannes

Tuesday, October 1

poul kjaerholm

scandinavian kitchen

tomo dixon hallway

Nicolai Suhr and Juliet Store, owners of fashion store Stylejunky and live in this  fantastic black & white, Scandinavian style inspired apartment in Cannes.

I really love the unified style that is constant throughout the whole apartment, it maybe too monochromatic, some pop of color could add a bit of "happiness" to the serious look, but one must just adore the strict palette and clever choose of furniture.