Retro Nostalgic Home of Charlotte Adrian

Tuesday, November 8

Charlotte Adrian is an senior designer working at Royal Copenhagen - and you can clearly see her sentiment for nice a porcelain pieces all over the house. Another thing that is really impressive here is the rosewood Cadovious wall unit in the dining area and the large dining table with classic Eames DWR chairs.
Rest of the home is also very nice, with many danish modern pieces plus simple and clean decor. ( she also have a huuuge collection of nagel candlesticks!)

colorsymphony said...

Nice. Thanks for the Sharing

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

Gorgeous home! That dining room with the super shiny light fixture and vintage furniture is so perfect.

P.S. I LOVE your blog. I just found it.

dagný björg * feel inspired said...

Lovely house! The bookshelf in the living room are just to die for! I've been searching for something like it for a while now, my grandparents had one just like it but had just gotten rid of them when I started looking.. shame!

jmd0519 said...

Hi! What is the brand and paint color of the blue wall with the white plates? So great!

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