Bright Mid Century - Asia Influenced House

Friday, November 18

This  house from 1959 currently owned by decorator Bernce Malin showing some really nice decorating ideas, classical 50s & 60s design is mixed with asian influences  ogether creating very nice pair.

I really like the brightness of the interior, white ceiling beams,  pattern rug in the living room, black Eames chairs on the white floor and of course the place with armchair next to the fireplace and the art filled wall behind  it.

Anonymous said...

Way, way cool.

Would love to understand the range hood -- can't make it out from the pic but looks indy-sleek.

Nadine said...

Love this. Especially the Asian art curtains. Ummm... just curious. Is that a sculpture near the ceiling or is that a real person.... ??? :)

Anonymous said...

..all designs really great
..nice article
..just keep posting!

*_* nEnEng *_*
Buy and Sell

A room with a view said...

Beautiful light and color. Interesting that one beam has been painted black.

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