Excellent Danish Apartment

Thursday, March 17

Welcome in the apartment of fashion designer Heidi Hofmann, another amazing Scandinavian home, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm amazed once again as this interior is splendid.

The style is very eccentric with an interesting combination of decor styles and design pieces.
The whole apartment contain amazing stuccoes, high ceilings and large double doors, giving it elevated, spacious look. Walls are painted white while the floor is black which is a great combination and it is possible in a bright interior like this.

I love the dining place here which is furnished with a white marble tulip table and vintage leather chairs. You can also see a cool danish modern credenza with aqua painted inside parts there.
In the living room there is a charming gallery wall composition above the sofa and funky industrial like wall lamp which serves as a main light.  Amazing place!


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