Papelote - New Stylish Czech paper store

Wednesday, January 12

This new stylish store was opened in spring 2010 in Prague, interior is by studio A1 Architects.
They are calling it "New Czech Paperstore" - and it deserves that name - it´s not just ordinry paper store but design store for hand made wrapping papers, pencil boxes, workbooks and much more.
Their products are made using environment friendly natural materials and are great alternative for common mass produced paper products.

Pattie said...

Very cool! I wouldn't be able to go in a store like that without buying something...a trait my fiancee could live without lol

M.M.E. said...

I want to go there! Thank you so much for posting this. I"m a huge fan of your blog now!!

Design Attractor said...

thank you!

Pattie: Yeah - it is hard to resist sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Awesome paperstore. Love the lamps.

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