Creative Apartment in Denmark

Tuesday, July 17

This 92m2 apartment belongs to Anne Louise Breiner woman behind the design company BALlab.  Interior i s really nicely furnished and decorated, with use of many cool retro decor pieces and mid century modern furniture. In a house full of so nice items it must be a really  fun to live.

Leah said...

LOVE this apartment! I love the clean crisp yet eclectic style.

dagný björg * feel inspired said...

LOVELOVELOVE it. When can I move?

Katie Gordon said...

Love the white walls and natural wood floors. said...

Love your site! Found it through In Spaces Between. I feel like my bookshelves won't be complete until I add a Bauhaus book:)

Sim sam said...

This apartment is really good to see and it is very beautiful furniture as well.. Love this apartment..

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