Amazing Scandinavian interior with great design and decor

Tuesday, November 14

This apartment is truly amazing. It has a perfect combination of retro and luxury design with a very inviting atmosphere.

The base here is a fantastic space with rich stuccoes, high ceilings, wood paneling and spectacular historical fireplaces.  It instantly provides added value with luxurious atmosphere.

I would like to start with the kitchen as it is fabulous, large and well designed.  With the retro cooker and hood, gold details and gray cabinets it looks both trendy and traditional.  There is also a nice small dining table set but the main dining area is located in the separate room.

The dining room is something I would love to have a place for in my home.  And it would look very similar to this one here. There is a beautiful, vintage Poul Henningsen's kontrast lamp used,  large table and a lovely bunch of black chairs. You definitely should take a closer look at the amazing fireplace with the huge mirror and the carved details on the door frame.

Of course, I can't forget the living room, which is again, very well done. You can find a nice mix of new and vintage design pieces ( like a nice grasshopper lamp ) but nothing is overdone, the place was left so it is clean and spacious.


spacious scandinavian apartment with great historic elements
dining room inside of a large scandinavian aparment
retro stove in the gray and gold kitchen, scandinavian design
retro stove in the gray and gold kitchen, scandinavian design
dining place in the kitchen of a beautiful Scandinavian apartment
retro stove in the gray and gold kitchen, scandinavian design
spacious living room inside of scandinavian apartment with great decor
Large doors and detailed stuccoes with dining table
dining place in the nordic interior

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