Row house with a Nordic perfection and tranquil atmosphere

Thursday, November 16

The architect Ola Jonsson did some amazing work here. This row house located in Östermalm is designed with a Nordic design perfection and the look is truly beautiful.

Inside you can find furniture from Ikea and Jysk along with vintage piece and they all fit together perfectly. With the light gray, white and natural wood tones, the atmosphere is tranquil and calm.

I really like the wooden dividing wall used between the living area and kitchen and the tea drinking area with the legless chairs is a very original, well-developed idea!


minimalist nordic interior
tea drinking room in the minimalist nordic interior
serene and tranquil hallway interior design in the scandinavian house
wood dividing wall in the nordic apartment
nordic living room with minimalist design and large windows
beautiful simple nordic living room

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