Apartment with a Cozy Atmosphere in Stockholm

Friday, May 25

Nice example of well balanced modern and traditional style is presented in this cute Stockholm apartment. It features not so common dark floor combined with mostly whites and natural wood tones.

In the kitchen you can find antique dining table, Wegners wishbone chairs and minimalistic modern kitchen, three time periods and together it fits very well.  Other thing I really like here is the art composition above the sofa in the living room along with the huge bookshelves  two things I always adore.

Anonymous said...

The large black pendant lights are a popular choice -!

I'm intrigued by the shallow cabinet behind the kitchen sink. Clever how storage was added, using soffits to define spaces and run electrical. Good design that does not intrude!

Andrew said...

wow! i love this apartment. the mix of the different time periods is great. and the views out the windows... amazing!

Lisanne van de Klift said...

Love this style: black, white and some warm colors. Great!

Have a nice weekend!

Love Lisanne

Jacob said...

Does anybody know the brand / name and type of those easy chairs next to the couch? Who designed them? They look great! The whole apartment does anyway, and what a view indeed!

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