Saturday, January 28

Another Beautiful Scandinavian Interior in B&W

Black and white - most typical colors for scandinavian interiors, always looks clean, effective and atmospheric just as here - what a nice space, living room, dining room and also kitchen are instantly became my source of inspiration for a new flat.


Friday, January 20

Elegant Minimalistic Apartment in Barcelona

Interesting mix of elegant, eclectic and minimalistic style can be found in this beautiful bright apartment located in Barcelona. Vintage furniture is mixed with modern classics  creating a very cozy  and calm space.


Thursday, January 19

Interior & Still Life Photos by Yellows Photography

I think that work of Mikkel Mortensen from Danish Yellows studio is simply amazing - for sure one of the best interior & still life photographers I have seen. Above is only a very small part from his portfolio - but all the images are precious, I will for sure investigate all the brands presented there as the lighting and furniture pieces really looks great.


Tuesday, January 17

Bella Goldmans´s Superstylish Apartment

I was browsing for some inspiration I could use for my new flat (more info soon...) and found those beautiful pictures of Bella Goldman´s apartment in a perfect portfolio of stylist Myrica Bergqvist.

I really love the living room with a walls full of art, large bookshelves and white wash finished parquet flooring - Im really deciding to try this (any tips?)  This space has  a great positive feel in it, dominant white is making it airy and bright while small colored details providing happy, cheerful atmosphere.

Monday, January 16

2012 Trends Inspiration - Purple, Black & Leather

Hus & Hem recently published some nice photos featuring trends for current year - not a big changes form previous year - mixing old and new, using natural materials like wood and leather - I like it, only purple is not the color I would like most:)


Thursday, January 12

Townhouse in Amsterdam with a Scandinavian Feel

I unfortunately do not know anything about this gorgeous apartment other than it is located in Amsterdam and that it looks totally awesome! It has a very strong scandinavian feel as it uses mainly black and white scheme resulting into bright, airy space full of very nice details.


Wednesday, January 11

Old Mixed with New Inspiration from Nanna Lagerman

On the images above stylist and photographer Nanna Lagerman created an interesting mix of  old / new expensive / inexpensive items combined into some very cool decor ideas, I like those shots a lot.


Tuesday, January 10

Bohemian Apartment in Paris

Fashion designer Vanessa Bruno is the owner of this beautiful 1650 house and decorated it with a very cool mixture of old and new, French and Danish flea findings.

The fusion of the nordic and southern style works nicely here, apartment is  bright clean, but also contains many colors and  bohemian decorative elements.

There are indeed many things to love here like the huge wooden beams on ceiling, large windows  and old wooden flooring, house really have an atmosphere!



Monday, January 9

Wonderfuly Renovated 1937 Mission House

I really like the raw wood element and overall feel of this reconstructed mission house located 10 minutes outside Borås in Sweden. The main living room with high ceiling and large windows is really a neat place also  the little raised area accesible trough stairs is great little feature of this house!


Wednesday, January 4

Late Christmas Postcard - Wonderful Scandinavian Interior

Unfortunately Christmas are over but lets remind that nice time with this beautiful christmas decorated 240 square-foot scandinavian apartment.

Well, 240sqm is really a BIG space and I´m always so jaelous about those large spaces - especially when they are scandinavian black and white, clean and full of light  - this place includes some totally gorgeous rooms like white bedroom which evokes an oasis of  tranquility, bussy working space and of course the  "meditation" zone consisting of nicely contrasting black pillows.


Tuesday, January 3

Paris Influenced Interior in Malmo

Oh I really like this place, it connects the scandinavian cleanness and french bohemian eclectic style, interior itself is to die for - what a windows, ceiling, doors...just wow!