Apartment in New York to Die For

Monday, January 21

Wow, you don't see apartment like this very often.  Located in New York's Upper West Side,  Initially constructed as an oversize, luxury artist's loft in early 1900s this place is magnificent.  Look at the source for the full info - it is worth checking. And if you buy it, please invite me for a visit.

little said...

goodness! i want to jump into these photos and live there forever!

romantically challenged

Olga StarDec said...

OMG! Gorgeous, stylish and eclectic!

QualityDesign said...

Na mě příliš eklektično, ale něco z té skrumáže věcí bych si vybrala, to zase jo!

Laura Galán said...

Es una total obra de arte! I love it!!



Audrey said...

Those windows!!!! I'm in love. Audrey - This Little Street

Hana Sedláková said...

I really like this space. I'm an interior design and currently I am working on a project with a brand( http://www.delightfull.eu/ )that identifies a lot in this environment. Excellent work.

Jan Skácelík said...

Ahoj, muzes mi na sebe poslat kontakt?

Anonymous said...

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Inchirieri Apartamente Regim Hotelier Craiova said...

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