Scandinavian Photographers House

Tuesday, February 12

House of a photographer Mette Wotkjær follows Scandinavian tradition - black and white. But as always it is no way boring or depressing, it is clean, bright and decorated with a great taste. I really like the selection of chairs in this house!

source said...

oh to have one of each of those chairs! lovely.

Åpent hus said...

can someone please give me a mater stool, a Hay dot s blanket and some more AJs? :)

best wishes

Cindy Deuning said...

Love the black Eames!

Milo and Mitzy said...

I Love this. Check that tile wall out. Amazing! x

Audrey said...

Does anyone know where the artwork from the first picture (looks like the third as well) comes from? I love it!

Audrey said...

I think I found it! They're by Kristina Dam. said...

beautiful! and i like you're layout too ;)

Louise E. said...


Cazare Ocnele Mari said...

The amount of information I found in your article exceeded my expectations, so I have only one thing to say: great job!

Corturi Industriale said...

Thanks for making it clear. I’m going to notify my friends about it.

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