Scandinavian Apartment Filled with Thrifty Finds

Wednesday, March 6

This beautiful, spacious, bright, 135 square meters big apartment, belongs to freelance journalist Anne Mette Hancock and her Husband. I really love the feel of the place - filled with thrifted vintage furniture, art and inspirational decor.

One of the few things that are not old is flat screen tv but it is nicely placed on an old military box:)  Really gorgeous, home!  

source said...

it's lovely and unpretentious, with some sweet pieces..

Arti Arte said...

im doing decor in my house & i have also mixed something new & old.nice for inspiration.

Samuel Anderson said...

How great to know there are actually special molds for these!! Loving the star shape!
Thank you Astrid for the tips for success! Now all that is needed here in the Pacific Northwest is a freezing night!!! For more interesting information click here.

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