Scandinavian cottage with awesome decor

Wednesday, October 11

When I think about a cottage, usually something rustic and old-fashioned comes into my mind, but in Scandinavia, they do things differently.

This little cottage from the 1960s in Vejby belongs to a designer Kristian Lillelund and he really has a great taste for interior design.

I find it absolutely gorgeous. There is the main, white painted area, where purple and blue colors serve as main accents with a help of natural plywood.  It is bright and very positive looking.

The owner is indeed a retro design lover as there are many vintage design pieces to be seen around the house.  My favorite place is the kitchen, where you can find a ton of Cathrineholm pieces and also George Nelson's Bubble lamp (and you can also spot his black Asterisk Clock in the living area).

The sleeping area, in contrast, is very minimalist and modern, using OSB boards for the walls and ceiling but still being coherent with the main room by sharing that beautiful blue color accents.

It is an amazing project and I would love to spend some time here.


scandinavian cottage interior, cathrineholm, george nelson lamp and clock, blue accents
Blue kitchen in scandinavian house, white floors and open box shelves
beautiful kitchen in blue color inside of a nordic interior
modern and retro design inside of Scandinavian cottage interior
OSB boards in interior, bedroom

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