Things I'm Obsessed With right now!

Wednesday, February 23

1. Hasbro Star Wars Imperial AT-AT toy   2. Cathrineholm kettle
3. Almedahls Marianne Westman Picknick line   4. Danish Modern teak secretars

1. Oooh toy of dreams when I was a kid - but this new AT AT is much more better than the old Kenner one!
It have such a cool feautures like hidden speeder in the back, soundboard, functional airdrop modules and many more, it is also big, HUGE, want want want.

2. Altough I have lot of cathrineholm bowls and some casseroles,  I still dont have any kettle - and they are so fabulous!

3. I wonder why they not made it sooner - from the first time I saw it, I was thinking about how cool it would be to have PICKNICK pattern on the kitchen stuff like tea towels, cutting boards, trays etc. - well - now it is aviable finaly

4. Good old danish modern furniture - those secretars are so cool - so many drawers for storing your treasures.
Dressedtothe9s said...

We have the old AT AT, my daughter was obsessed with Star Wars. Love your blog. Saw you on UEF.
Am following you now

Helle Koed said...

I own the kettle – and i yellow!! Weee... I looove it, but dont use it for anything. It just stand there looking beautiful. And the best part, i got for about 8 us. dollars (about 40 dkr.)
Hope U find your kettle some day... ;)

Jan Skácelík said...

Connie - Girls loving Star Wars - I thought that this happens only in the movies!

Helle - So great find! Yellow is great! If you ever feel that you bored with it - call me:)

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