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Thursday, May 26

My dear readers, today is the big day of Design Attractor´s 1st giveaway, you can win pritns worht 38$ from my shop!

03.06.2011!!! Due to some days when commenting was not aviable - Giveaway will end on Monday evening, so feel free to join over the weekend!!!

31.05.2011!!!!!!!!! Blogger messed something up so message box was unaviable for some time - there is now pop up comment box aviable so you should be allowed to join giveaway whitout problems now!!!!!!!!!!

How to enter:
1.)  look at the ReStyle shop and post which prints you like, don´t forget  to leave a contact, so I can write you in case you win!

2.) follow designattractor blog / like restyle facebook page

- For a bonus entry, just blog / tweet / or share about it on facebook  linking back to it, then leave a comment here with a link to where it's posted

Giveaway ends friday 3rd  June.

Good luck to everybody!
Nettie said...

I absolutely adore that mustache one. My Hubby, who is a big fan of his perfectly curled and waxed mustache, would love it too.

Anna said...

I can just say I love them all, but I've really been wanting some catherineholm: http://www.etsy.com/listing/63991400/cathrineholm-of-norway-a3-poster
thanks for the giveaway. :)

Anna said...

already a follower. :)

sewn by blythe said...

I love them all but as a collector of Cathrinholm ware I have a leaning to all those posters. My favorite has to be In The Kitchen, I love the colour combination.

Sudha said...

there is none i dont love...comeon..such pretty ones and you ask me to pick!! anycase..the one with scandinavian picnic is my fav and then the mid century home sweet home!! beautiful color schemes

itssudha gmail

Kreativista i Boligrum said...

i hope, I hope! Already a follower :-) And the deadline is my birthday, hope for a perfect present!

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

i love the Refreshing cup of Coffee A3 Poster - Stig lindberg print :)

Katie8407 (@) gmail (.) com

Katie said...

and i am already a fan! :)

Marie said...

I really like "I will be king and You will be Queen"... This song from Bowie is beautiful!

Interior Junkie said...

I'm a follower (on bloglovin) for a while, but I don't have facebook.
I tweet about it too :)

this is my favourite poster

for my little daughter's room! She should know from the start what a good movies are :)

Beyond the Picket Fence said...

i LOVE your eye charts! Esp "i love you like a dog loves a bone" to cute!

I am already a fan on FB :) but I will share on my page!


eden said...

First, i like all the posters!!

But, if i have to post favourites, these are the favourites of my household:

- The StarWars Posters! My 10-year old son is a big fan of StarWars, and your poster would be perfect for his room.

-Personally, i love the Cathrineholm poster with the three bowls.

-The Colorful Alphabet for my youngest son

-My husband: The StarWars posters... who doesn't like them?!

( i'm already a fan on FB)

Best regards, Sam


Suveliina said...

I love your blog and your shop =)I'm a huge fan on FB and your follower so I had to put your amazing giveaway on my sidebar.

All your posters are great. I love them!

But if I win my favorites are


STAR WARS poster

Cheers from Finland


Tiene said...

I so loooove the "Kiss Me Right Under My Mustache"poster!

I will share this on my Facebook Wall too!

Kind regards,


Katherine said...

I love the Star Wars ones as my partner is a HUGE Star Wars fan. I liked your facebook page!


akissfromthepast said...

Hi! this is nice giveaway! my favorit is Kiss Me Right Under My Mustache letterpress style print!!! :D its great, also others are cool!
i will be your reader!
have a nice day!

Micah said...

I love all of the prints! But my new favorite is the Kiss Me Right Under My Mustache. I liked your facebook page and I promoted your store on my page! Thanks!

Micah (micah.abby865@gmail.com)


Kanelstrand said...

I like the Scandinavian picnic! http://www.etsy.com/listing/65520544/scandinavian-picknick-rorstrand-marianne

Kanelstrand said...

And I am already an RSS follower.

Kanelstrand said...

I retweeted your twit :) and am now following you as well on Twitter.

Eric said...

I'm a big Star Wars fan and you have some of the best posters I have seen for those movies. I think your posters would look great with the other vintage Star Wars posters I have in my house.

Oh and I didn't know about your facebook page but I am following it now.


Sara said...

I love the Star Wars posters :)
I'm following on facebook now too.

What a great giveaway, thanks.

Erin said...

I love the Stig Lindberg Bersa - Great Way to Enjoy Tea print. I love your work so much! email is in my profile

Erin said...

I like you on fb (erin d)

L and D design said...

Love the http://www.etsy.com/listing/65876629/kiss-me-right-under-my-mustache

Liked your fan page both personal as La Db & fan page L and D Design

Followed your blog as well =)


in dreams said...

already a follower! i love that you collect all these fantastic interiors under one 'roof', so i can be lazy and drool over them for hours. haha!

my fav print would have to be 'all those moments will be lost, like tears in rain' poster. where is the quote from, btw? it sounds very familiar...

i'll keep my fingers crossed i win...i love your design aesthetic! you can contact me via my blog (i'm at http://poladreamer.blogspot.com...feel free to check out my polaroids there, too!). :)

Gugu said...

Hi, I love all but I avsolutely love this one:


shine little light* said...

Oh man.. it's pretty hard to choose... the return of the jedi freakin' rocks but I love the 'in the kitchen' too... beautiful work you!

Terhi said...

I like "when the skies are grey" poster the most of them all. weetis@gmail.com

Rodoula said...

I like In the Kitchen :) rodoula at gmail dt com

vintage-modern said...

easy. with three boys, a graphic design mom and an architect dad = star wars!

headed to facebook, cheers!


mary said...

I'm really wanting all three of the Star Wars prints. Love them! Oh, and I could pick so many more...

I followed and I blogged:

Thanks so much for this giveaway! It's awesome!

Jess said...

I actually already featured you on our Thursday Tea Time at soeclectic.com just a few weeks ago! Love your style.

roboshark_33 said...

My favourite is "You are my cup of tea", and I love "You aaarg my most sought after treasure".

Cheers! :)


Mic said...

So hard to choose... But my favourtie is:
Mid Century Modern Modernist retro inspired composition A3 poster print.

I really dig your blog!!
BR Michelle

Tirlittan said...

My favorite is definitely Kiss Me Right Under My Mustache poster! I've been thinking about giving it to my boyfriend, since we constantly joke about his mustaches (which I can't stand yet he still keeps growing just to annoy me...) and it's kind of a inside joke for us :)

Christina said...

My favorite prints are "Some Like It Hot," "Tea Time" and "I Like to Rock." They are fabulous! See my tweet about it: http://twitter.com/#!/BeTheChangeCMG

Jessie said...

I love your blog and your prints! You inspire me. :) I love your Star Wars prints and the you and me belong together with the teacups.


justine.rose1 said...

I think that they are all fabulous but the Stig Lindberg- enjoy tea and Cathrineholm- some like it hot are my favourite. I love your blog as well

RUMBO said...

I love your prints. My favorite is the Star Wars.

My 7-year old son is a big fan of SW, and your poster would be perfect for his new retromodern Star Wars room.

I am a follower.

paula said...

hI! lovely giveaway! i liked you on facebook, following on twitter, on bloglovin and made a little sweet blog post about your designs here: http://accessoriesdiary.blogspot.com/2011/06/graphic-designer-and-photographer-jan.html
My favs are:

Dornröschen said...

love love love the Empire Strikes Back <3

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