The Rock House

Friday, May 6

House on the images above was designed as a weekend getaway for Seattle resident Merrill Wright by Tom Kundig, of the local firm Olson Kundig Architects and can be found at San Juan Islands, Washington.

In the house there is everything you may need -  large kitchen, living and dining room, bedroom as well as a two small guest rooms. What is absolutely amazing is large terrace with fireplace!

I dig how it looks like it had burst through the rocks, which gives the place nice atmosphere, even made from concrete, it fits the scenery very nicely.

Interior is very stylish, it combine modern with good old vintage pieces like Hans Wegner´s lounge chairs and many more antique furniture. 

Nat @ dear little house said...

That is absolutely stunning! You would never get sick of that view! And the use of timber inside totally warms the space. Gorgeous.

Jan Skácelík said...

Yes, I can imagine spending some great days there!

Rhianne said...

wow, I would absolutely love to sit outside there!

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