Cute 58 square meters in Copenhagen

Thursday, September 22

Living myself in a small apartment I have weakness for the nice small spaces - this one is habitated by a young pair  Dorthe Thure and American Will Kearins plus their  2.5-year-old son Christian.

As the space is very small they have to improvise a lot but  the result is a home with a very nice cozy and airy feel, which in hot days is extended by the nice terrace.

Åpent^hus said...

have you heard? there is a new Norwegian interior design magazine coming out on October 10th. They will be focusing on interior decorating in small spaces. interesting for you maybe. :)

best wishes
Open house blog, Norway

Fenke said...

are there more images on the source link? I'd like to see their kids room... :-)

Fenke said...

(because the source link isn't working, i was going to add)

kenderesy said...

I found this:
But there are no more pics.

E. said...

It's gorgeous! But, having lived in a small space with my partner for quite some time, I'm amazed there are actually 3 people living in theirs, at only 58m²!!! They must be saints! :-)

x E.

Design Attractor said...

Apent hus: Hello - this sounds very nice, Im sure it will be great as all the scandinavian livign mags are wonderful:) I hope you are fine, sorry for my lack of communication, my life is becomed real bussy..


Sorry fot the bad link, unfortunately there is no more pics of the flat.

E, - it is indeed very small for thee people, but until kid wont be older it is usable I believe :)

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