Charismatic Swedish Apartment

Monday, October 31

Another real estare agency treasure, this 125sqm apartment is full of what I love about scandinavian interiors - there is a lot of  mid century furniture pieces  adding the place character, all is mostly white with colors popping  here and there plus lots of artworks on the walls, clean but not cold. BTW - Im a huge fan of those large double doors, so nice!

interiorcravings said...

i love the sliding doors!!!!

Jana said...

And I am a huge fan of those fancy chairs. yay! aaand of the chain of lights around the doors... still thinking about where to put mine in my new home.

Thank you for sharing all these inspirational homes!


JOHANNA said...

gorgeous indeed!!

Nat @ dear little house said...

Love the french doors :)

Terhi said...

This is one of my favourites of all times interior decorations. Have a great week.

Cecilie said...

I looove the red chairs! Does anyone know who the designer is?

Jan Skácelík said...

Doors are killer for sure!

Unfortunately I dont know anything about the chairs - I would be interesting to find more about them as well!

Inchirieri Apartamente Regim Hotelier Craiova said...

Hello ! This is one of my favourites of all times interior decorations. Have a great week.


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