Nice Lighting by Coco Flip studio

Thursday, October 13

I like the style of the Melbourne based Coco Flip studio - their retro inspired pendants, especially COCO PENDANT are very cool designs to add to your stylish home!

Cæcilie said...


Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

I just discovered your Etsy shop and am in LOVE with your prints and style!

I decided to venture over to your blog and find it just as inspired and gorgeous!

This kitchen in particular is incredible - I love the mixture of vintage and retro with modern pieces!


julie said...

hello jan
I am a photographer based in paris.
I work for french ELLE and Grazia, Figaro Madame Japan and also the french one, MilK, Papier Mâché magazine...
I just discovered your blog through emily forgot and I just wanted to congratulate you !!! it's beautifuuuuuul, I love everything !!!
the houses of maurizio zucchi and jonn coolidge are my favorite.
thanks thaks thanks

Design Attractor said...


Jenn - Thank you so much, im very happy you like my shop & blog;)

Emma Louise Layla said...

That pendant lamp is gorgeous. Love your blog!

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