Design Classics filled Carpenter Farm near Copenhagen

Friday, December 16

This beautiful old carpenter farm was rebuild by the cabinetmaker Hans-Christian Koch who is now live there with his family.

Inside of the house is simple, minimal yet very warm and cozy - in each room you can find some classical scandinavian design piece which always helps the place to shine.

bonjourvintage said...

this is such a nice home! i love the chair "poeten". beautiful but expensive!

"q en bleu" said...

beautiful apartment! and your blog is great! so glad that I found it! :) said...

what an amazing space, love the simplicity, very dot dot dash, will definitely be back! x

Inchirieri Apartamente Regim Hotelier Craiova said...

Beautiful apartment! Write on! You have very good style. Reading this article was a pleasure!

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