"Two in One" Apartment in Sweden

Monday, March 12

Very nice example of how to make one nice space from two old worn out apartments - owners of this place connected old flats they bought into this 106-square-foot house on two floors.

Furnished with various flea market founds, it now have a beautiful atmosphere, bit of country style but very scandinavian and clean.

Round Circles said...

i love those pictures...all this white!

Burkha said...

I´m so in love with Scandinavian style. Right now I´m particularly digging on white tiles in the kitchen, and "file" style, drawers, both featuring in this post! (sorry for my english...I´m from Argentina and I speak spanish).
I have to tell you that I´m totally in love with your blog. I recently came across with it and I instantly bookmarked it in my favs bar on top!
I´m following you a 100% now.

Sabine said...

Wonderful mix of furniture and colors. Love the red "dots"!

dagný björg * feel inspired said...

love love love this!

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