A Home Decorated with Heart

Thursday, October 18

In some places, you can really feel that owner gave his whole heart into making them lovely. Same feeling I have when watching this cozy house of Camilla Tange Peylecke.

I really like the mixture of the mid century / eclectic styles that can be seen throughout the whole place!

Åpent hus said...

I love it, too!

Luna said...

I feel a real trend toward more personalised, eclectic decor like in this home. LOVELY!

Milo and Mitzy said...

Love this. It all works so well. Thanks for sharing. have a great day. Amy x

Hunch, Camilla Tange Peylecke said...

thank you for the nice words about my home,
a big smile from me,


Jan Skácelík said...

Hello Camilla

nice to see you here, you have fantastic home!


Elfya said...

Mon chichi and Holly Hobby all in one room is too good of a thing! This room looks so lovely, so cozy and so adorable. I can not believe I see two of my favorite childhood memories in one room!

Audrey said...

Where did she get her coffee table? I love it! Such a beautiful home.

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