Delicious Danish Apartment

Monday, November 19

This wonderful danish apartment owned by Hanne and Søren Berzant's located near Copenhagen is just my type. Double doors, wood panelling, high ceilings and all accompanied by classic mid century and  other cool design pieces. Great atmosphere, natural tones, plenty of light and space - super.

Åpent hus said...

love it
will repost and credit you
I am so in love with Wegners table!
arent you? :)

best wishes
Open^house, Norway

Jan Skácelík said...

Hello! For sure;) Yes it is great!
hope you are fine.


Kaylovesvintage said...

dream home

Unknown said...

Oh c'est tout à fait le style que j'adore ! Design, épuré et scandinave :) Très bel article ! Vous pouvez aussi consulter mon site

ernø said...

so nice interior, very white & very cool !

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. Everything you show here is lovely!! Josefina

new condo singapore said...

white made the house look so spacious

Inchirieri Apartamente Regim Hotelier Craiova said...

Hello everybodi, I like this apartment and so nice interior, very white & very cool !

Cazare Ocnele Mari said...

Ciao a tutti, mi piace questo appartamento e così bello interni, molto bianco e molto cool!

Corturi Industriale said...

Que es muy bonito y significativo. que es realmente el blog fresco. La vinculación es muy útil realmente han ayudado a un montón de personas que visitan el blog y proporcionarles útil

Terapia Bowen Craiova said...

Bien hecho, gran cantidad de información y muy buen estilo - ¿ha pensado en convertirse en un escritor a tiempo completo o por lo menos a un periodista?

Greenwood Jonny said...

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