House of Bianca Hegedüs

Wednesday, October 2

scandinavian kitchen, arne jacobsen

scandinavian interior

House of Bianca Hegedus is just  a gem. I love the essence of the Scandinavian style here combined with almost mediterranean accents.  

There is classic black and white scheme all over the place but some rooms for a change uses bold color tones for enrichment. As usually, my favorite spot  is the large dining table with Jacobsens chairs and walls full of art

Juli said...

beautiful interior!

Leak Detection said...

Åh vad roligt, superfina style som alltid!! :)

Unai Ordoñez Uriarte said...

I like scandinavian style very much, Is a bit minimalist for me, but I like it! sorry about my english, I'm from Bilbao, Spain (you know Guggenheim Bilbao Museum).

Maybe we would do something like this in our house reforms (reformas de casas Bilbao)


Elegant Ground Homeware said...

Gosh, I love the blue closet :) Love the design ideas :) ust got a new apartment and I'm excited about decorating. Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count sheets or bedroom style inspiration, thanks!

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