Atmospheric Stockholm Loft

Friday, January 2

I would like to start this year with this fantastic small loft in Stockholm (Actually not so small for an apartment, just not the standard huge loft space). It immediately struck my attention with its beautiful combination of white and dark wood. which  gives the home a very distinctive and cozy atmosphere and also a bit of historical feel. Every section of this loft have some real eye candies, living room area with the  big library and included writing table, dining place with an amazing large fireplace and dining table and of course the kitchen - big kitchen with rich shelving and beautiful white tiles.  Again looks amazing and I love that there is a lot of vintage Stig Lindberg pieces. And - my Stig Lindberg print is there too!

PS: I just noticed that the sputnik lamp in the living area is the old 60s Czechoslovakian design!


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