Stylish Danish apartment with a hint of French charm

Monday, September 11

House of actor Ann Eleonora and her family is full of light, art and stylish furniture!

I really like the style here, which is both personal and clean. While the living room area is quite simple, dining room uses a lot of art in different styles which add a lot atmosphere.

Furnishing is a combination of Ikea, design classics (Eames DSW and a beautiful Eames Style Soft Pad Chair ) and vintage, rustic pieces.  One that I particularly like is the black, glass cupboard standing in a front of a wallpapered wall.


scandinavian apartment with a lot of art
gallery wall, wooden floor, eames DSW chairs
french style kitchen, vintage chair, metal lamp
glass credence, wallpaper stripes
eames soft pad chair, ikea work table, wood floor, scandinavian interior
gallery wall, ikea wall shelf
home office interior, eames soft pad chairs, white interior
vintage bath tub,  retro bathroom,

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