Jacques Grange´s Dream House in Portugal

Tuesday, June 21

I especially like the kitchen in this house of French interior designer Jacques Grange, famous designer who decorated houses for Yves Saint Laurent & Caroline of Monaco.

Interior of the hosue which  is located in Portugal in the Alentejo region is influenced by Moroccan style, some of the furniture is also from Bali. There is a lot of Portuguese, Turkish and French pottery and porcelain everywhere from his personal collection. 

texturas urbanas said...

I absolute love it!
Thanks for your always wonderfull posts,they are so refreshing that I'm always waiting your news.Best. Nadine:)

Jan Skácelík said...

Thank you very much Nadine!

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

Beautiful! I love all the wood in the last image!


Senalee Kapelevich said...

Love the cobalt blue and white ceramic tile behind the stove. And always love your blog!

Kylee said...

Those cabinets are amazing!

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