La Boca inspired Tables by Marcela Casarotto

Monday, June 13

Those cute tables were created by  Marcela Casarotto - only 23 y.o. artist who recently graduated in product design

They are inspired by the colorful district of La Boca (Argentina) and could also be used as a small bookshelves. I also see a little inspiration  by the classic "standard" chair by Jean Prouve here
(but that is probably only my "pro" deformation :-).


Unknown said...

Oh no, you made me fall in love with these tables/bookshelves! They are sooo cute!
Thanks for introducing the designer. I did not know her.

Design Attractor said...

They are really adorable, wish they would be aviable here...

lucypark said...

Hello Jan~ I'm Lucy from Korea. I love all your works:)found your works at

I posted your works on my blog wanting to introduce and spread out those your beautiful retro print to Korean :-) Hope you don't mind!!hehe :)

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