Small Piece of Heaven in Copenhagen

Sunday, June 5

This small apartment in Copenhagen owned by Majbritt Meng and Jesper Johansson is a great example of how the  good interior design can make even relatively small space look irresistible.

Style is scandinavian at it´s best  combined with partial eastern influence, everything is white to make the space look clean and bright, combined with black and some browns (I like how the Swan Chair and Eames chairs in dining room pops out) and  again it works very well, simple, elegant - I sooo like this home!

A room with a view said...

I like items placed on or close to the ground like low furniture and decorative accessories; definitely liking the books on the floor used to elevate. Thanks!

Unknown said...

It looks great to see this furniture and this seems to be awesome.. Thanks for sharing such a nice post here with us..

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