Around the house

Sunday, February 27

Some photos of various corners of my home.
Bowl on the second shot is 50s Royal Dux Czechoslovakia  porcelain bowl, It is my latest thrift found and I simply love it!

Llot Llov Design Studio

Saturday, February 26

I recently discovered works by the Berlin based design studio Llot Llov - they do everything from Product to interor design and their works are very  fresh and interesting.


Design Classics - Arne Jacobsen table lamp

Friday, February 25

Im bit embrassed because I saw this lamp million times but always wondered - what lamp it is? Then discovered that it is lamp from Arne Jacobsen himself!

I love this lamp - great shape, greta colors - I realy want one of them at home.
It was developed in 1957 for SAS hotel Copenhagen and its design is still so timeless!
Shots are from  hivemodern  I love those interior shots - WOW!

Only downer is that it is very expensive.

House of Illustrator Sarah Hvass

Here is the house of Danish Illustrator Sarah Hvass, bright white with pops of yellow and bold pattenrs, check Sarah´s portfolio here and the complete photo tour here.

William O’Brien´s Allandale House

Thursday, February 24

What a stunning house, absolute clearness,  I can imagine relaxing there siting on the Hans Wegner´s ch_07 chair, by this enormous window with a beautiful view at the forest.


Things I'm Obsessed With right now!

Wednesday, February 23

1. Hasbro Star Wars Imperial AT-AT toy   2. Cathrineholm kettle
3. Almedahls Marianne Westman Picknick line   4. Danish Modern teak secretars

1. Oooh toy of dreams when I was a kid - but this new AT AT is much more better than the old Kenner one!
It have such a cool feautures like hidden speeder in the back, soundboard, functional airdrop modules and many more, it is also big, HUGE, want want want.

2. Altough I have lot of cathrineholm bowls and some casseroles,  I still dont have any kettle - and they are so fabulous!

3. I wonder why they not made it sooner - from the first time I saw it, I was thinking about how cool it would be to have PICKNICK pattern on the kitchen stuff like tea towels, cutting boards, trays etc. - well - now it is aviable finaly

4. Good old danish modern furniture - those secretars are so cool - so many drawers for storing your treasures.

Interiors by Cia Wedin

Tuesday, February 22

Here is a selection of photos from portfolio of Swedish design journalist and stylist Cia Wedin.
As always - great stuff from scandinavia - bright interiors full of great furniture and design pieces.


Anita Caleros Loft

Here are some shots of Photographer Anita Caleros great loft.
Full of great vintage furniture and thrift founds.

Those old lofts are such a great places to live - so much space for so many things, I absolutely need space like that to store my stil growing collection :)

found here

Just cooked - chicken coriander & coconut curry

Well I love the taste of fresh coriander and I´v had pack of chicken drumsticks here that needed to be eaten - so I searched my favourite recipe page, bbc goodfood   and got this wonderful recipe.
I did not used Tamarind paste  (as I dont have it)  but it was good as well.
It is easy to do, only you have to wait around 40 minutes until the chicken is cooked.


Sunday afternoon tea

Monday, February 21

Yes, I llike to drink tea with style!
( just arranged for photo of course... )

Beautiful interior by Kathryn Tyler

Saturday, February 19

What a great living. This interior was designed by Kathryn Tyler - she graduated in graphic design in 2000 and in 2004 founded her own design consultency - Linea Studio.

All of her works are stunning, she loves to use mid century modern stuff in her interiors - which is great - in this particular one there is cathrineholm enamelware, finel bowls, george nelsons lights and many more.


A2 - Swedish furniture studio

Contemporary scandinavian furniture never stop to surpsrise me, so many design studios doing great work, like this one - A2 studio.

A2 is a young Swedish furniture brand presenting a collection of creative and distinct objects produced in Småland, Sweden.

I love their experimenting with colors and classical scandinavian patterns, piece of furniture like this would be eye candy in every interior.


Brita Sweden - Scandinavian textiles &more

Friday, February 18

Brita Sweden is a family business with a strong tradition of textile production, they  produce organic fabric, rugs, kitchen accessories,  and other interior items.
It is a great example of wonderful scandinavian brand  Rretro inspired colorful patterns on the items of everyday use - i like that - they also made some trays and cutting boards - must order some of these!


Just for Inspiration

Some great inspirational photos I found over the web - ENJOY!