Fantastic Swedish Apartment

Monday, May 28

Styling and photos from Fantastic Frank agency looks always great and this apartment is no exception.  Whole place have a very calm atmosphere with lots of light, it is really cool how naturally warm wood tone pops out in the rooms, this combination seems perfect to me.


Eclectic Scandinavian Apartment with Touch of Luxury

I cannot say I´m too big fan of eclectic style or antique luxury but this apartment have some beautiful corners. I was instantly amazed by the huge kitchen with a very high ceiling, featuring antique, mid century modern and contemporary furniture - all works great together.  There are some cool combinations in every room, and even I also do not need gold materials in my life, here it fits nicely.


Apartment with a Cozy Atmosphere in Stockholm

Friday, May 25

Nice example of well balanced modern and traditional style is presented in this cute Stockholm apartment. It features not so common dark floor combined with mostly whites and natural wood tones.

In the kitchen you can find antique dining table, Wegners wishbone chairs and minimalistic modern kitchen, three time periods and together it fits very well.  Other thing I really like here is the art composition above the sofa in the living room along with the huge bookshelves  two things I always adore.


Calm and Intimate Apartment

Tuesday, May 8

Reconstruction of this 167m2 apartment ended up with an wonderful job, interior  have a very special   atmosphere caused partially by intensive use of contrasts of dark and light colors, it is also very nice to see some of the mid century modern classics like Eames chairs or Arne Jacobsen lamps here, combined with the beautiful  stucco ceilings and minimalistic furniture this place is just amazing.


Sunny Minimalistic Scandinavian House

Sunday, May 6

Really like the clean and calm look of this pretty house,  there is something about the place that makes me feel relaxed,  photos are from the wonderful portfolio of Janne Peters.

Small and Cool Swedish Apartment

Thursday, May 3

Very nice example of small but stylish apartment, just 39 sqm was enough to make this place look amazing. I really like the stylish b&w kitchen with chalkboard, vintage drawers  and cool chairs combo.


Calm and Cozy House

Wednesday, May 2

This house from portfolio of Prue Ruscoe have a really nice atmosphere. In some parts it feels like minimalistic  japanese interior and in some like classical mediterranean house - with use of mostly black and white there is a strong feel of cleaness and serenity. Use of some classical danish modern pieces is a nice little bonus for me:)