Friday Inspiration Sweets

Friday, July 29

Here are some nice interiors from my archive, lots of String regal system there (love those) downloaded from various blogs, magazines, tumblrs etc over the time. Im really being lazy in the summer, or is it that there was not anything really interesting that would hit my eyes in last week?

Wonderful Work by the Pen Pencil Stencil Studio

Tuesday, July 26

I love those wooden toys and objects created by Mark Giglio - the man behind the Oakland based Pen Pencil Stencil Studio.

I can see a big inspiration by classical works of Alexander Girard there, but of course also with Mark´s personal touch. His store is now closed unfortunately, but I will check it again in future for possible buy.


Charming and Elegant Scandinavian Apartment

I was browsing some real estate agencies and found this little cute swedish apartment. It is located in an old buliding dating to 1927 and most of the things like windows, floors & doors are still original -  which adding a nice vintage touch to the whole space. Decorations are very decent, there are no bold colors just the brown, white and grey accents, decent and elegant!


1950s "decadent" House in Lidingö

Thursday, July 21

House of Isabelle Dahlborg Lidstrom have a very spicy past - in 70s it was owned by gay movie maker and known as a place full of decadent parties, where else than in such eccentric place you could find a swimming pool behind the dining table - in the kitchen!

Now those days are forgotten and pool is mainly used by children. House still have bit of bohemian eccentric look, with an interesting selection of decorations and furniture. And  again, to make me jaelous, huge dining table with lot of cool chairs is present!


Marianne Tuxen´s Nature Surrounded House in Copenhagen

Wednesday, July 20

House dating back to 1922 is located half an hour from Copenhagen, surrouded by forest and idyllic lake, current owners discovered it 15 years ago and renovated it. First of all they removed interior walls  which resulted in  connection of smaller rooms into one bigger space. The interior in result is bright and cozy, full of nice furniture and lots of art on the walls.


Emma and Nils Freshly Renovated Apartment

Tuesday, July 19

Kitchen in this cute house is marvelous, the naked white bricks  giving it so much character, would love to have a wall like this  at home, combined with old white painted floor, stylish furniture and decor, the place  looks really great.


Beautiful Interior Photos by Anna Kern

Monday, July 18

Bright interiors captured by Swedish photographer Anna Kern are joy to watch, especially in these rainy summer days we have here.

Sylvie Rochon's Colorful Mid-Century Modern Home

Sunday, July 17

Sylvie Rochon, owner of a decoration shop in Montreal did a great  job with styling her 1000 square-foot apartment. No doubt she have a great sense for decorating and finding great furniture and decorational  pieces that makes the place shine. Mid-century danish modern furniture,  bright colors, pop art,  this joyful bright apartment is really cute!


Lisa and Joel´s Loft

Monday, July 11

What a cute "little" loft, In fact the building is a defunct 100-year-old electrical switching station remade for lliving!

The place features a wonderful openness with a very high ceiling, lot of concrete and bricks, bit industrial, but what makes it cozy is the great selection of mid-century modern furniture, love the result!


Malmö Aaprtment wtih Vintage Charm

Thursday, July 7

As they say, only serious thing they done after buying this cute apartment was painting walls and some of the floors white, they liked the vintage feel of the interior so they keeped most of it as it was, adding their own furniture and decorations.

Result is a cozy place with character,  all white kitchen looks very fresh  and the dining area have bit of luxury / eclectic feel. Well done.


French House with Magical Atmosphere

Wednesday, July 6

This place is so atmospheric - it feels like from fantasy movie more than reality, the rustic feel gives idea that the place was  abandoned for years, but still looking nice and cozy, and that terrace!

Unfortunately i don´t know anything more about the house that it is suposed to be in France, it would be nice to know who lives there, from some photos I would  bet on some artist, painter maybe, the place is so meditative and inspirational, great place for a studio!


Work of Studio Juju

Tuesday, July 5

I really like those cute objects made by JUJU studio based in Singapore. Combination of the bright trendy colors with natural wood  is something I never get full of!