Charming Bohemian Apartment

Friday, October 30

Home of radio host Cathrine Nissen is really a charming, cozy place with a skillfully selected decor.
I like the use of pastel pink color with the gray elements and gold details. It is beautifully pronounced in contrast with the white walls and floor.  What I find really cute is the collection of small cacti next to the staircase. Lovely and elegant interior


Classy and Majestic Parisian Apartment

Monday, October 26

Studio of Danish interior designer Jessica Vedel did an amazing job with this luxurious apartment. I love the clean, Nordic look blended with Parisian charm.  Incredibly high ceilings, stucco, wall paneling and ornamented old doors all this is simply stunning. I love that mid century modern classics like PK22 chairs and Serge Mouilles lamps were used here, definitely a prefect fit to the place.


Collectors Home near Berlin

Sunday, October 25

Very pleasant and warm atmosphere, natural tones mixed with blacks and grays and furnished with an amazing selection of design furniture. I love the dining area in the kitchen where you can also find a nice black glass cabinet showcasing part of the owners vintage Polish ceramics collection.


Anne Blacks Stunning Scandinavian Apartment

Friday, October 23

Welcome to the home of ceramist Anne Black. Where to start? I love this place! Mid century modern furniture, high ceilings, wood paneling, gorgeous wooden floors, it is just perfect. I like how the combination of different kinds of wood works here and provides warm and cozy atmosphere.  I also love the minimalist dark gray kitchen with gold accessories.  All in all it is a perfectly balanced and decorated interior.


Tradition with Modern Design in Scandinavian Villa

Thursday, October 22

Amazing, spacious and calm place. I love the amount of natural wood you can see here, it gives this place a very warm and almost a bit of a country like atmosphere but with some cool twist. All the house is furnished with a great selection of mid century modern design and perfected with matching art and accents of blue color.


Well Decorated Small Apartment

Tuesday, October 20

Very nice little place. It is perfectly balanced and decorated considering its small size. I like the combination of the white floor with black furniture and nice color accents created by art and pillows. What I find supercool is the dividing glass wall separating living room from sleeping area, it looks really stylish. Another nice feature is the kitchen which is quite large and looks pretty along with the large dining table with set of Eames chairs.


House with a Calm Atmosphere

Sunday, October 18

love the atmosphere in this Scandinavian house. Bright walls and floors with a lot of natural light are a perfect basis a cozy home. Interior is furnished with many classic mid century modern designs but it is using almost minimalist approach so it feels very light and airy. Art is used a lot around the place adding a nice personal touch.